mirror, mirror on the sunnies

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Either, I’m far behind when it comes to being in fashion, sunglasses-wise, or it just occurred to me what such a nice pair of sunnies can do to an outfit. Sunnies have always been more of a necessity for me that they’ve been an accessory to pep up my look, and my mantra when shopping for sunnies has always been “find a pair that are simple, black and won’t make you look like an idiot“.. Well, lately I’ve realized the fact that maybe one should try investing in a fun pair of sunnies(or multiple) to give more possibilities for giving an extra something to my outfits.

Recently, I’ve been very fascinated by the mirrored sunnies, that truly are statement items. I mean, just look how Russian fashion icon Elena Perminova and my sweet blogger-buddy Sarah Mikaela rock those mirrored sunnies and give their outfits a whole new dimension just by adding shiny eyewear.. Wau.

So now I’m looking for a good pair of mirrored sunnies for my modest collection that can give a fun twist to my outfits – and even work as an extra pop of color, which my sunnies usually never have gotten to do. Right now I like the blue ones the best, since e think they’d go with lots of outfits, but those turquoise ones sure are also kind of cool.. And the orange ones, wow, they’d be awesome with a blue outfit and red lips, huh?

I’m going on a hunt for the perfect pair!


How do you like those mirrored sunnies?


Så nu er jeg gået på jagt efter en god spejlbrille at tilføje til min beskedne samling og som kan give et sjovt tvist til mine looks – og endda fungere som en ekstra farve, hvilket mine solbriller normalt aldrig har fået lov til. Pt. er jeg mest tosset med de blå, der vil kunne passe til de fleste outfits, men dem med turkis og grønne glas er godt nok også tiltrækkende.. Og de orange, nøj, hvor kunne de være fede til for eksempel et blåt outfit med røde læber, hva’?

Jeg går på jagt!

Hvad synes I om spejlbrillerne?