NEMESIS, BABE sustainability festival

NEMESIS BABE sustainability festival marie my start-4

Usually, I keep politics out, when it comes to writing on the blog, though, for the next two weeks, I’ve decided to make a somewhat political statement. I’ll be having a small festival here on the blog celebrating something, I find quite important when it comes to fashion. And anything else, for that matter.

As many of you probably know, the fashion industry is one of the most polluting, if not the most polluting industry in the world. As an example, when looking at textile production, enormous amounts of chemicals and polluted water is used when making and dying textiles, and often, this chemically polluted water is sent straight out into nature after use. When the clothes are produced, we need them to get to us, a transport which sends out tons of CO2 and pollutes the environment even more. And when we’ve used our clothes, they might go in the bin, creating a consume and trash-culture, and then we need new clothes, creating a need for more environmentally polluting produced textiles and thereby even more pollution.

The clothing industry doesn’t need to go on in the same way, though – the possibilities to make the clothing industry more sustainable are many and those possibilities are exactly what will be talked about on NEMESIS, BABE for the next two weeks to come.

And even though we are talking about a serious problem, the posts to come on the blog will by no means be too serious or boring. I’ll be giving you loads of interesting and fun posts about how you can cut down your use of environmentally polluting clothes and still keep chic. We’ll look at shopping, styling inspo, a talk with one of the big dogs in “fast fashion”, a thrift store guide of Denmark, loads of sustainably produced outfits and I’ll be showing you that it really isn’t that difficult to have a sustainable clothes consumption.


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