New Year’s chat

After a sporadic presence on the blog during the holidays, I’m back with a bit of New Year’s chat. An explanation combined with a NY resolution.

This year, my resolution is about chilling the f*** out about my situation and learning that I’m actually doing pretty ok. The first part about the chilling out has something to do with the blog and it fitting in with the rest of my life. After starting on a bachelor course in visual communication, I feel like I finally found my spot in the world I and so want to learn everything I can on this education. And wanting to spend so much time on this(and commuting 2 hours every day and speaking a different language in school) means that there will be less energy for the blog. This year, I just need to learn that it’s ok. It’s okay to focus more on one thing and less on the other in stead of trying to be full time on both. And with future-glasses on, learning everything I can on this course is the smartest thing I can do.


And here’s the learning that I’m doing pretty ok thing – because for someone who hasn’t got thousands of hours to work on my blog every day, I am doing quite well. the thing is, I just keep measuring myself up against those bloggers who do spend all their time blogging, because that’s their only job. And that is not a fair comparison. So I need to take everything into consideration when I’m “measuring” up my life. I have a succesfull blog, I’m on my dream education and doing well on it and I’m doing other projects in my spare time as well. And that is pretty cool right?

And talking about doing multiple cool things at once, I will be spending the first two weeks of 2017 art directing and styling both a video shoot and a look book shot. And going on a blogger trip to Berlin. And chilling out school wise, because I finished my januar exam three days ago, which was 14 ahead of time. BOOM!

2017 I’m coming for ya! 

Whats your resolution this year?