personal post: training, yoga and blogging life


I never really talked that much to you guys about training before, but getting a collaboration offer from Nike recently I thought – here’s a chance to tell you all about how much training actually means for my work with the blog, and to work with a super cool brand.

So, let’s get straight to the case. I’ve been doing yoga for about 4 years now and I don’t think I’d be where I was, career wise, physically and happiness wise, had it not been for yoga and meditation practice.


Firstly, I have hyper mobile joints and a crooked back, which means that sitting at a desk, traveling a lot or lifting things takes a hard toll on my body if I don’t strengthen it through flexibility and strength training.

I tested the Nike Zonal Strength Training Tights at yoga class combined with Nike’s Studio Wrap for the feet as well and I loved it. The tights are super tights and really help me stabilize my core and joints whilst doing my yoga poses – some of my weak points, since I’m sometimes a bit too flexible and often over stretch my knees. The Yoga Wrap also kept me from not slipping too much on the mat in the warrior poses, which I usually do – and boom! I got even better and more confident in my training!



Being confident in my training is super important for me both in the practical way of keeping my body healthy and strong, but it also fuels me quite a bit mentally and creatively when working with the blog. Having that physical and mental pause from a fast paced everyday life; the pressure from myself to do cool things all the time; and the feeling that everyone else is doing better, helps me keep on top of everything. Figuring out what is important for me and stopping thinking about that unrealistic pressure I put on myself is something that comes with that mental and physical break from “life” that I get though my yoga practice, where I always feel confident. It also gets me inspired and gives me renewed energy to do new things.



Working in a competitive and fast paced blogging and fashion business has you on your toes all the time and yoga really gets me grounded. I know that I’m good at it and I don’t have to compete with anyone. Knowing that it’s called “yoga practice” and not “yoga perfect” makes me a bit calmer with everything else in life.

I think that yoga and meditation has really helped me figure out how I want to live my life in the future – mostly with a focus on my career, since this is a place where I can sometimes feel like I’m not doing enough, pushing myself enough. But yoga helps me feel grounded and let that massive pressure on myself go down a bit, which then makes me work in a more efficient and pleasurable way – both in work terms, but also in keeping my mind a healthier and happier place, whilst following a career dream in a super competitive business.

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