problems loading photos on NEMESIS, BABE? Here’s your solution!

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Lately I’ve gotten a lot of comments from some of my lovely followers, who gives me the nicest compliments on the blog and my photos, but then tells me that they usually only can load one or even none of the photos on the blog. I’ve talked to my webdesigner to find out what’s going on, afraid that something was wrong with the blog, but this morning, I found the solution!

The blog takes up a lot of space, since my photos are many and high resolution and this might fill up the cache on your browser – and a full browser cache means that big sites don’t load as fast or it only loads some of it. So if you want to go back to seeing all of my photos, you have two choices. Either, you can switch browsers – so of you’re using safari, try firefox or chrome and vice versa – or you can just clear the cache on your browser, so the blog has room to load again.

And please, don’t hesitate to tell my overtime you experience something weird with the blog.

Thank you all for being such nice readers and giving me loads of nice and constructive comments!