about sale dreams and self-torturing

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If there’s a thing I love, it’s clothes. And if there’s something that makes me go all coo-coo, it’s when they cost less than  usual. Yes, my friends, Net-a-porters sale has started and I’ve started day dreaming to the point that I’m just about to throw something in that ritual tote bag. If we pretend that my account isn’t already over drafted, I know just I would do about that sale.

My huge crush, the Kenzo fish print t-shirt, to whom I wrote a love letter some weeks ago has landed in the sale department on net-a-porter, and I’m tripping around imagining if a fish printed piece of cotton could make up for that huge hole I’d have to dig in my wallet to get it.. Sooo tempting!

I, of course, couldn’t stop checking out that sale, after discovering the price discount on that fish t-shirt.

And again, I find myself to be falling in love.. In love with so many things – a cloud printed dress from Moschino Cheap and Chic, a “cute”, sequined t-shirt from Markus Lupfer, and the most genius sandals from Marni. A flower printed Kenzo backpack shouldn’t be denied the access to my wardrobe either. Neither should an awesomely graphic printed skirt form Preen int eh most gorgeous colors.

I am soooo torturing myself if I keep going, so I’ll just stop it right now.


What are your sale dreams at the moment?