falling in love…

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Ah, falling in love. That attraction. that feeling of not being able to live without you. The feeling of joy every time I think of you and I see how wonderful you are. The feeling of “I must have you”! The feeling of not being able to get you out of my head. Åh, when will you be mine, dear Kenzo t-shirt with the “No fish no nothing”-print? When will I be rich enough to wear your soft cotton? When will I get to adorn myself in your amazing blue print with a message of not overfishing the seas?
I must have you! Don’t worry, dear Kenzo t-shirt with fish print, even though my hear(and budget) mostly lies with the thrift stores, my passion for fashion will never make me unable of not loving you. I must will get you someday! One day the two of us will walk, happily, down the street together and you won’t be alone. No, it will be you, dear Kenzo t-shirt with fish print, me, a white leather skirt, black slides and red lipstick. what a dream!

I must disappoint you though, dear Kenzo t-shirt with fish print. Don’t get insulted. Even though you’re in my heart, I cannot forget my past. My love has wandered to other things than your fish printed cotton. I must admit: there have been others. And just as much as you fill up my mind, I cannot make my dreams of the sequined Coca Cola top from Ashish go away.
Those shiny, attractive sequins. The 90’s like design adorned with my favorite material. I couldn’t but be seduced! I must admit, dear Kenzo t-shirt with fish print, I have dreamt about it as I dream of you. You weren’t the first. And I’ve been longing for it, just as I long for you. And I still do. I long for that sequin covered top with Coca Cola print on my body. The weight of the sequins on my shoulders. The dream of walking down the street with sequins on my upper body, a pleated skirt on my lower body and lace up shoes on my feet. Yes, dear Kenzo t-shirt with fish print, I have other dreams than the one of you. And other dreams than the one of the Coca Cola top.

I have also dreamt of other cotton than you. Now, don’t feel betrayed! But just like I cannot forget my past when it comes to sequins, I cannot forget that cotton which, like you and the Coca Cola top, seduced me with its amazing print and nice shape.
My love has belonged to Henrik Vibskov’s “Fung” printed pants, too. Since I met them for the first time, backstage at the SS14 show, I haven’t been able to get them out of my head. Yes, just how I feel about you right now, dear Kenzo t-shirt with fish print, I have felt about other cotton. Without fish print. I also dream of those “Fung” printed pants, like I dream of you. That wonderful black and white print with the red, orange, green and blue colors in it. The high waist. The loose pant legs, that lightly touch my bare legs as I walk. I also dream of wearing them. Wearing them just I I dream of wearing you. I dream of them with a high neck, white crop top, braids in my hair and orange lips.

So, dear Kenzo t-shirt with fish print, even though you’re the one.Even though you’re the one that I want right now. Even though you’re the one I long for.. You’re not alone. I hope you’ll forgive me my promiscuity when it comes to printed cotton and sequins. And last, but not as least as important: I hope that you will move in with me one day.

I have an empty hanger in my closet with your name on it.