Salvation Mountain

salvation-mountain-fashion-photoshoot01 salvation-mountain-fashion-photoshoot02 salvation-mountain-fashion-photoshoot03 salvation-mountain-fashion-photoshoot04 salvation-mountain-fashion-photoshoot05 salvation-mountain-fashion-photoshoot06 salvation-mountain-fashion-photoshoot07 salvation-mountain-fashion-photoshoot08 salvation-mountain-fashion-photoshoot09 Photo source: Fashion Gone Rogue

Recently I discovered a creative photographer team called JUCO though this editorial, who at Salvation Mountain in California with one of my favorite models, Nora Vai. I love the ultra creative and colorful style in this series and in pretty much everything that JUCO produces.
My faves amongst these photos are the very first because of the enormous dog and the fairytale like settings, and the last photo because of the play on the stripes of the skirt and the stripes on the hill. And the fact that this shot has so much sky in it. If you part the photo right on the top of the hill, the photo changes its character completely.

It’s been too long since I last posted an inspirational editorial, but after seeing this awesome one, I couldn’t keep from it anymore. I don’t think it’s the last time you’ll see something from JUCO on Nemesis,Babe – I am blown away by their creativity and already saved all of their photos to my computer for future inspiration.

Which photo is you fave?