those days

K13372321262536273_7 kopi large_1024x_7e2336338e40cd9c6863b059dee6b67a76dd kopi us_vogue_mar_1991_28 kopius_vogue_mar_1991_12 kopi photo source: various tumblrs

Do you know those kind of days where you’ve run dry of ideas? Even though I’m a blogger and posting new things every day, I sometimes get those off days where the ideas have disappeared and I sit completely empty in front of my computer, trying to come up with things that won’t appear in my mind. So to get the my inspiration going, I looked through my inspiration folders and found a folder with gorgeous old vintage editorials with the most beautiful photos, which I felt like showing you. Like a little kick starter to a giant inspiration brain storm which, hopefully, will hit me soon – these days I will be mood boarding, brain storming and idea generating like crazy.. So I really hope that my mind agrees and is ready to get inspired!

How do you get back after a period of no ideas? Where do you go to seek inspiration?