time for a new tat


As you might’ve spotted on my instaStory last night, I was sketching ideas for a new tattoo. Finally I’ve found a tattoo artist in Copenhagen, who has the style I’ve been looking for! atm. we’re sending each other drawings all inspired by the pictures above, which I showed her some weeks ago. The style will be a mix of my two fave tattoo artists on insta right now,  Yeda Zweifel and Moritz Lindur, who made all the tats on the pictures above. They do some super cool and minimalist stuff, which I’m really into. My new tat will be a cross between a Lindur-like doodle and a Zweifel like branch with leaves. I’m also getting a small ladybug on the same arm as the doodle-branch, but I’m not sure how it’ll look yet, stylewise.

Do you follow any cool tattoo artists on instagram that you’d recommend? And are you considering getting anything?