tips for your(and my) spring outfits

LAYERS: different lengths, textures and materials – shop the collage
FEMININE WITHOUT FREEZING: warm coats and nice skirts do go hand in hand – shop the collage

street style photo source: Hel Looks

Wow, I just put myself to work! Originally I just wanted to do a collage with nice transitional looks from Hel Looks, now we’re in that weird transitional spring weather where a skirt with a leather jacket is too cooled, but a par of pants with a sweeter and a jacket is too warm. I was so inspired by these nice Finnish outfits that I decided to put a couple of collages together with my favorite transitional looks and the clothes I would use to put together outfits that match their ideas. Phew! But now I finished them and I really like them. I noticed how amazing the Finnish people are at layering in so many ways, like using a denim jacket over a sweater and shorts or wearing with a sheer blouse and a crop top underneath, or even putting a vest on top of a jacket on top of a blouse on top of a dress on top of shorts and still look awesome. I’m also quite impressed with their courage and ability to wear warm jackets and coats with skirts and dresses – I always feel like it’s too much wearing a warm jacket over a skirt, but I just got super inspired as to how you can do it without feeling like a big blob and not go freezing when putting on a thin leather jacket with my feminine looks. I’m just a bit more inspired an ready to get dressed for this year’s spring weather! How do you like the styling ideas?