my week in photos

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musik-5 musik-1 ALL PHOTOS BY ME

Recently I got this idea, that I should start taking more photos. Well, I do take a lot of photos already, but the thing was that I needed to start looking for photos more. Getting better at see in, practically, and discovering things you’d usually forget the look of. So this week I’ve tried to bring my camera everywhere I go and I’ve been looking for things to shoot – and little glimpses of my days.

I’ve been spending a lot of time by my table with my computer, camera and the blog(supriiiise!) I’ve photographed buildings and edited them a whole lot in Lightroom. I’ve been woking in the Glass Workshop and photographed glass trash and I found my old GameBoy and the Super Marie Land game – win! I’ve been thrift hunting and spotting awesome bathing suits. I’ve been hitch hiking in my wonderful Monki skirt and unfortunately not ending where the sign asked people to take ud. And lastly, yesterday, I’ve been by the insane architecture of the Music House in Aalborg, to shoot more photos for the “Ways to Wear”-feature with my photographer, Julie(remember to tune in tomorrow!)

What have you spent your week doing?

And how do you like these photos of my week?