without looking

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When visiting with my artistic friend, Maria, in Aarhus last weekend, we were talking about inspiration and ideas. Sometimes I feel uninspired and lost for ideas, so I asked Maria what she does to get inspired. One of the things she told me to do was blind contour drawing. Meaning: drawing things while looking at them and not looking at the paper – and with the left hand! That fit me fine, since I’m shit at drawing to begin with, so this way I couldn’t disappoint myself further with my drawing skills. And maybe some new ideas would pop up from these drawings! So this morning, I spent in the company of a marker, my colors and some of my favorite items from my wardrobe.

I think I’ve gotten a bit of a different perceptions of these clothes after drawing them – you notice things you normally wouldn’t do and personally I actually like the drawings a lot, too! I love the fact that they don’t necessarily have to look like anything, since I had almost no premises to make them perfect.

Do you see which items I drew?

If not, stay tuned, because soon I’ll show you which items they are and how I have styled them before!