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  • vintage styling inspiration

    vintage styling inspiration

    STYLIST: CECILIE LINDEGAARD, PHOTOGRAPHER: LOUISE THORNFELDT, MODEL: ARIANE ELMERICH One of the great girls, I’ve met through blogging, is Cecilie, who used to blog at Choice with Noise. At the moment, the blog is shut down, and Cecilie lives in Paris where she studies art and freelances as a stylist. With her photographer friend, Louise, she does […]

  • Me, myself and my wardrobe: Oh Land

    Me, myself and my wardrobe: Oh Land

    As the first part to a new series of posts called “Me, myself and my wardrobe” I’ve been lucky to get to interview the inspiring Nanna Øland from Oh Land about how she feels about clothes and fashion, when she played in Aalborg last weekend. I met Nanna in the backstage area of Musikkens Hus. […]

  • thought experiments

    [show_ms_widget id=”183110″ image_id=”257462″ width=”712″ height=”1007″] Some weeks ago I read an article on how to get out of a style rut and start to feel inspired when dressing again. What fought me the most were the thought experiments which I had a lot of fun doing and now I decided to show you my experiments. […]

  • without looking

    without looking

    When visiting with my artistic friend, Maria, in Aarhus last weekend, we were talking about inspiration and ideas. Sometimes I feel uninspired and lost for ideas, so I asked Maria what she does to get inspired. One of the things she told me to do was blind contour drawing. Meaning: drawing things while looking at […]

  • norm core.. just more fun!

    After having become such a big fan of norm core, despite the fact that the trend is practically colorless and I’m more like a rainbow, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out ways to incorporate the key elements from norm core into my style without loosing my colors and prints. So here’s […]