YAY! Red Cross and Miinto joins forces to make a thrift web shop!


One shop where I often get my best clothes is from thrift shops – and a couple of my very favorite thrift shops are the ones owned by Danish Red Cross(like some of those I tipped about here). And now I found one more – because Danish Red Cross and the web shop Miinto have created an online shop to buy those cheap, cool items from anywhere in the Denmark!

I lvoe thrift shopping and the way you feel when you shop cheaply, knowing that your money goes to a good cause and that you’re doing something sustainable!

I found a couple of my favorite items from the new web shop and put them in the collage below – so many nice things!


What do you think?

1: HERE at 150DKK, 2: HERE at 75DKK, 3: HERE at 100DKK, 4: HERE at 90DKK, 5: HERE at 80DKK, 6: HERE at 85DKK, 7: HERE at 70DKK, 8: HERE at 80DKK, 9: HERE at 130DKK, 10: HERE at 130DKK