The year in posts: inspirational sources

During 2014 I found new ways to get inspired, new people to inspire me and new ways to use that inspiration. A bunch of those ways were showcased in two new kinds of post that appeared on the blog during the last year – let’s have a look!



inspi susie

In my post on how to use your inspiration, I guided you – and myself – on how to get inspired by the people that I admire. How are you inspired? How will you use that inspiration? And how will you implement that inspiration into your own style? In these posts, Susie taught me how to mix prints, Ivania taught me how to go all white and Pernille taught me to experiment with bigger silhouettes.




some posts that I really liked last year, were the interviews with people, who aren’t in the fashion business, but still are passionate about clothes. Interviewing them had me learn a lot about non-fashion-business peoples’s relationship to style.. So inspiring!


Oh land nemesis babe interview-2

Singer Nanna Øland, aka Oh land, told me about her favorite childhood Minnie Mouse sweater and her thoughts about tour wardrobes.




Cool cat and DJ Fatima told me about her dreams of a dalmatian coat and her very personal feelings about how she expresses herself through fashion.


mette jeg mig og min garderobe nemesis babe blog marie jensen-2

My sister, Mette, who studies at uni told me about how she liked to change persona by changing her outfits and how she stands out stylewise at uni.


Which post inspired you the most in 2014 on NEMESIS, BABE?