my camera equipment

nemesis abbe camera lenses 35mm 50mm 85mm canon eos 7d-1 I often experience you guys being quite interested in my photos, my camera and my lenses and all of that photography stuff that I’ve got going on. And since I’m one of the few bloggers that also freelances as a photographer, I think it’s relevant to give you a look into my collection of camera equipment, that I’ve bought through time.



I shoot all of my photos on my Canon EOS 7D body, which I bought 1,5 years ago used. This house is the best one that comes in the EOS series, before you go full frame(read more about full frame here). This body had served me very well and as soon as I got completely into all of the options it offers me, I can shoot pretty much whatever kind of photo I want. I bought it before I knew what full frame was, thinking I didn’t need it, but now, having gone pro and selling photos to others than myself, I’ve been craving a full frame body for a long time. But if you don’t need the full frame quality, but still want to invest some money in a good camera body, you should go for the 7D!


50MM, f/1.8 LENS

photo stuff-3

My 50mm was the first lens I bought beside the standard 18-55mm that comes with most camera bodies. It’s got a focal length of 50mm, which means no zooming, unless you do it with your feet, and a maximum aperture of 1.8, which makes the lens able of taking in a lot of light and shooting blurry backgrounds. In more regular terms, it’s called the blogger lens, since it’s quite affordable and makes the blurry background that every blogger loves. This lens has been with me for years and it’s even the one I use for doing my street style pictures.  Get it HERE!



35MM f/2.0 USM LENS

photo stuff-4

My 35mm I bought after starting to shoot backstage and events – and to make things easier for myself, when shooting photos for a post like the one your reading right now. It’s a bit less zoomed in than the 50mm, so that you don’t need loads of space for shooting. The USM image stabilizer helps the lens focus quickly and quietly and the photos turn out super crisp. I shot posts like the “Me, myself and my wardrobe”-series and my beauty posts with this one.


85MM f/1.8 LENS

photo stuff-2

My 85mm is my baby. I use this for shooting my outfit photos, which have really gone up the quality ladder since getting this lens. Much crisper and nice to look at! The 85mm is “zoomed in” quite a lot, which makes it require a lot of space for shooting – the photographer usually has to be about 4-5 meter away from me while we shoot for my outfit posts. I think the photos turn out a lot crisper and with more blurry backgrounds than when I shot with my 50mm, even though both have an aperture of 1.8. I bought this one used, and aside from one little scratch, it works just as it should!



photo stuff-5

My remote controller is one of my clever buys – and super affordable, too. It’s just a remote control for my camera, that helps me shoot photos of myself, when I haven’t got anyone else to help me shoot. I use it for posts like THIS and THIS and it makes everything so much easier, so I won’t have to be dependent of other people helping me shoot.



photo stuff-1

This is one of my weirder buys in the camera department, but nonetheless, it’s a good one! My phone lens from Sony had the properties of a standard 18-55mm 3.5 lens and then it can be hooked up to my phone through wifi, so that my phone works as the screen of the camera, which the lens and the phone make together. I use this lens for shooting instagram shots of myself when no one else is around to help me with it.


I hope you liked the little look into my camera-stuff collection – got any questions or experiences with cameras and lenses that you want to tell me about? Go ahead in the comments!