Me, myself and my wardrobe: second hand edition

For the sustainability festival, I’ve done an other one of my “Me, Myself and my wardrobe”-posts. This time, I’ve interviewed my friend, Kathrine, what wardrobe almost only consists of thrift clothes, and she therefore has a minimal consumption of newly produced clothes. So, tell me about yourself, Kathrine:  Well, my name’s Kathrine, I’m 23 years… Læs mere Me, myself and my wardrobe: second hand edition

Visiting with Nicholas Nybro

  Arriving in the small workshop in Ryesgade, seeing mannequins wearing extravagant dresses and hats, and shelves full of design books, fabrics, feathers, taxidermy birds and boxes labelled “thingies” and “fringes”, you can’t but be engulfed by Nicholas Nybroes wonderful universe that both overwhelms you, intrigues you and makes you want to take one step… Læs mere Visiting with Nicholas Nybro