Guide: prep your wardrobe for fall and winter

fall wardrobe-2

Now that we’re moving towards colder times, and thereby need to start dressing accordingly, I have put together a little guide on how you guys and I can all get out wardrobes prepped for fall and winter, so we’ll have it much easier when dressing in the morning – let’s go!



Put it away! “Of course you can wear crop tops in winter!” is one of the thoughts that I, in miraculous ways get into my head every time we get close to winter. It doesn’t always go that way though(unless it’s a cropped sweater), so I decided to put an end to those confusing mornings where my hands are full of summer clothes and I try to make them go with the snow outside.
The solution is to put away all of the summery clothes that you know, you won’t use until some time in April. Take your crop tops, swimsuits and light summer jackets and put them away for the winter, putting your sweaters and knits in their place in your wardrobe in stead. This way, you’ll have a real overlook of what you can wear, when you look at your wardrobe.

Shorts and skirts? According to how you feel about tights under shorts(it’s obvious, I’m not a big fan), both can work during fall and winter. With a good sweater and a nice pair of tights, a skirt will work just fine through the cold season. So go through your sock drawer, get rid of those ripped tights and go out and stock up on some warm ones!



fall wardrobe-5

Get inspired! Something I really need to get out of my “I want to have bare legs and a bare tummy and bare arms all of the time”-mania, is to try and figure out, how I can style myself for a warmer winter look. How can I use skirts? In which ways can I layer? How can I seem fresh and colorful, but warm at the same time? I made a Fall/Winter-pinboard on my Pinterest account to get me inspired for the season.




Pay attention to the new possibilities! As I mentioned yesterday, these cold and dark times will provide us with new types of styling that we haven’t been able to use all summer – now a whole new world of gloves, scarves and hats opens up to help keep us warm! Why not take advantage of it and, in stead of having that regular set of hat, scarf and gloves, have multiple and use them as you would with your normal accessories?


What’s your tip for getting your wardrobe ready for winter?