Andreea’s vintage heaven

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Whilst in London(I’m leaving for Milan today) I have been staying with my friend and fellow photographer, Andreea Bogdan. I met her last season and we clicked right away – part of if might’ve been because of our shared love of vintage and clothes that have stories.

So when I came to London and stayed at her house, she couldn’t not show me around in her wardrobe and I was instantly overwhelmed. Andreea has the craziest shoe collection, solely consisting of vintage shoes; a wonderful collection of vintage designer clothes in a beautiful, old Art Deco closet; gorgeous lady like bags in all shapes and sizes; and an entire drawer dedicatet to belts.

Andreea usually shops her vintage items in charity shops in her home town in Rumania and at car boots in London, where she makes enviable finds of designer vintage items and amazing items in general and I am so jealous of her gorgeous wardrobe. I mean, Cintage Celine shirts. Vintage Miu Miu loafers. Vintage Missoni ponchos. Vintage Christian Lacroix coats. I’m blown away.

So I coudn’t not show you her wardrobe – it’s the perfect way of promoting vintage and second hand shopping.. Who wouldn’t want a wardrobe like Andreea’s?