Fashion month: photo diary

Now that the fashion weeks are done, you’ll be getting loads of photos and posts about the fashion weeks that have passed, which I haven’t had the time to do while I was there. Like this one, which I actually couldn’t do until now that I’ve returned from the pond trip – this little photo diary of what I’ve been up to besides photographic fashionable folks!


London-2 dag 3-1 LONDON dag 4-1 dag 3-14 dag 3-7In London I started shooting – ahead of me I had 19 days of work travels ahead of me, shooting for Danish Elle and NastyGal. In London, I also had some time to hang with sweet blogger-friends, Laura and Isabella, I took some time off in Brixton and I went to my first show outside of CPH FW, namely the Topshop Unique show, where I was seated!


med andreea-1 outfit august nemesis babe is i Milano-1 venice venezia trip with andreea nemesis babe-8 10620681_820839187960565_5631566273803247334_n hatty-4

In Milan I shared a flat with Andreea, who housed me in London(and whom you have heard quite a lot about now – and seen her wardrobe HERE) and on our first day in Milan, we decided to match – me in a Baum ind Pferdgarten top and second hand skirt, and her in a second hand dress.

In Milan, we of course couldn’t help but stuff ourselves with pizza, foccacia and gelato(and joke about eating tons of carbs and ice cream during fashion month, where probably more than half of the fashion crowd prohibit themselves from eating carbs – come on, you’re in Italy!). We also hung out a lot with one of the big dogs in street style photography, Scott from The Sartorialist(who I was sneaky/embarrassing enough to snap a shot of), who was super nice and we went to visit the Borsalino showroom with Jason from Citizen Couture.. And oh, then we also took a day off for a quick trip to Venice – check out our trip HERE!


paris-6 paris sidste dag-1 paris sidste dag-3 paris-1 paris sidste dag-4

In Paris I was by myself, which meant that I had the clothing rack in my room completely to myself. So I arranged my Paris outfits nicely on the rack – wearing all vintage and Baum ind Pferdgarten stuff. In Paris I also hung out a lot with Louise from Polaris Journal, who shot for Danish Eurowoman – unfortunately, we didn’t feel super photogenic on the day that I wanted to get a photo of us together.

In Paris, Kanye West is one of the most coveted show goers at the fashion week and I was lucky enough to get an okay shot of him, which I of course shared on my facebook with the caption “Kanyes face when he met me.”. Starstruck much?

On my last night in Paris, I had cocktails and snacks with my sweet photos friends, LouiseTyler go Simbarashe before leaving as  – actually the fashion ends today, so I was one of the people who left first!