fashion month street style: little moments

It occurred to me that I haven’t shown you guys any of the photos that I shot during fashion month, besides linking to my shots on Elle and NastyGal, where a lot of my photos were published(remember to check them out, too!).

Otherwise, I completely forgot to put them up on the blog too(aside from my trend reports), so now it’s time to show a bunch of them to y’all! I picked out eight of my fave photos from London, Milan and Paris, of the nicest little moments that I shot.

There are little stories to each photo; like when I waited at a metro vent on the sidewalk and when people crossed it, their clothes went flying everyhere(photo 4); when the police officers tried to keep people off of the streets outside fashion shows the make the cars free to pass by(photo 6); and pretty much every time Cathrine Baba locks her bike(photo 8).

Which photo is your fave?

Nasty day 4-18 NastyGal day 1-12 different people, same color scheme Nasty day 4-25 NastyGal day 5-13 NastyGal day 1-7 NastyGal day 1-4 nastygal day 4 paris-7