Inspired to turn down the aperture

Corrie-6 Corrie-5Corrie-1 Corrie-2Photo source: FashionGoneRogue

One of my latest crushes is pretty much the norm core equivalent of DSLR photography to me. When getting my first high aperture lens for my camera, I swore to never turn it down and always shoot at a high aperture and with as blurre backgrounds as possible, to make my photos look more pro.

But recently, I’ve become more and more fond the the exact opposite. I’ve become fond of fashion photos, which, besides good composition and great photographical knowledge, looks like a photo that anyone could’ve shot with any DSLR. No blurring of the background. No fancy lighting. As I referred to before, a basic, norm core-ish cut back of everything that would make the photo look too fancy.

I think it brings a cool vibe to the photos and make them seem more real. No mr. Fancy Pants settings, no crazy stuff, just a nice photo of a model in cool clothes. I’ve started thinking about maybe turning down my aperture a bit, if I get the right background for it, and shoot some down to earth photos. Potentially of wilder outfits or more set up situations, to enhance the contrast between the unrealistic motif and the basic camera settings.

Now that the fashion blogger world goes berserk in blurry backgrounds and depth of field, what would you guys think of turning it around and seeing photos that have taken a step back from that?