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Now that I’m spending tons of time with my books and computer every day, and being photographed doesn’t really seem like the greatest idea, I spend my pauses from studying checking out things I wish I could have. Even though I have absolutely no extra space in my room, I’m still dreaming of new furniture. At some point I’ll be moving out of my room and then, I’ll have to get me some new furniture.

I found a bunch of furniture online at Biva that I really like and that I’d love to have when I move. As you probably noticed on my last roomtour I have quite a few drawer chests in my room and I really like the kind of old fashioned way to store things. And I just noticed that gorgeous, kind of crooked chest of drawers at Biva, on the collage, and.. I mean.. How amazing is it?

To be honest, browsing furniture online has kind of gone too far for me considering how much space I have in my room to add new things(read: as in no room at all), but since half the furniture I live with right now isn’t mine, I’ll have to get some at some point.. And that dreaming of things during my exams really goes crazy. I dream of practically anything that has no connotations to art history.. Oh, sweet freedom, I’ll see you in a week!

By the way, I promise I’ll have some posts coming up soon that aren’t just collages 😉


What are you dreaming of these days?




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