link love #1

I decided to start out the year with some good karma – or at least giving you some inspo and giving some others a bit of exposure. I think there are some blogs that deserve to be known, if you don’t already know them!

I plan to do a link love post every month and you can help me by commenting this post with links to your fave blogs, your own blogs or just a blog you think needs to be seen. Then everyone will get some link love!


Here are my suggestions for blogs you need to know:


Neckbreakin’ Style is a definition of style that is so good that you’ll break your neck looking at it in the streets. The definition is done by Lynn Do of the blog of the same name and she surely has neckbreakin’ style! I go to her blog to get inspired for styling, to look at cool photography and to read her well written texts.

Visit Neckbreakin’ Style here!



I’ve been following the Norwegian  blogger Maria for years. She’s got the nicest minimalist approach to fashion, photography and life and she never disappoints visually or text wise. She doesn’t blog really often though, but luckily she has an archive of loads of nice posts to get inspired by!

Visit Maria Van Nguyen’s blog here!



Sara is my favorite instagrammer when it comes to good second hand fashion. She’s really into sustainability and she has the most amazing wardrobe of second hand items. She just started her blog about sustainable fashion(which is why there isn’t much on it yet) and I can’t wait to see what she’ll put up on it in the future!

Visit Sara Recycles here!



The Beauty Department is my go to beauty blog. It’s full of guides and tests of make-up, hair and products and it’s been around for a long time. This means that theres a lot to explore when you click yourself over there.

Visit The Beauty Department here!


Which blogs are you loving at the moment?