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Something I didn’t quite get for a long time is Pinterest. I didn’t really get what people wanted to use that kind of site for, when you could just as well go to Tumblr or even just google something when you needed an inspirational photo.. But then I thought “You can’t not like it until you’ve tried it” and so I did.. And so, I loved it!

I’m still quite new in the world of pinning, but I think I’ll start spending lots of time on the site, as soon as I get going for real. Maybe you also noticed the small “Pin It”-buttons on my photos when you hover them? Now you can easily pin anything from NEMESIS, BABE and send my photos out into that great big (p)inspirational universe!

I follow close to no one on Pinterest, so if you can recommend someone or if you’d want to give me a link to your own Pinterest, don’t hesitate to throw me a comment!

You can find me on Pinterest with the name “NEMESIS, BABE blog” or with the URL

Thee, two, one – pin! 









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    I use Pinterest a few years now but still I don’t get it. For inspirational photos i love tublr..
    x Nina
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  2. pia Avatar

    i personally just use pinterest to organize and structure inspiring pictures, like virtual moodboards, thus pin boards
    but i have to admit that i prefer tumblr too…
    maybe you want to check mine: