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  • changes #5 new experiments

    changes #5 new experiments

     CLICK THE PHOTOS TO GO TO THE ORIGINAL OUTFIT POST Today is quite a slow day for me. Slow but good. I started the day by sitting on the floor in the hallway of my apartment, listening to the radio and making these images for this post. I decided on doing something completely new this […]

  • big changes

    big changes

     CLICK PHOTOS FOR ORIGINAL OUTFIT POSTS I think it’s been a while since I went a little crazy on the collages with my outfit photos, so this month’s “little changes” has gotten a bit wilder. I think I might start making more of these more complicated collages, since I think it’s quite exciting working with […]

  • little changes

    little changes

    CLICK PHOTOS FOR ORIGINAL OUTFIT POST Phew! Finally I’m back after a frustrating time with wordpress problems and fashion week stress that kept me from blogging – I’ll tell you all about my fashion week and my internship soon. But let’s have a look at what I wanted to post last week, namely the little […]

  • little changes #15

    little changes #15

    December was a month full of blue clothes for me. Usually I have these periods of wearing a color a lot – so my fall was orange and so far, my winter seems to be blue, looking at the past month’s outfit that I edited for this months little changes. I personally love the black […]